Tooth and Tail (PC/PS4)


Additional Writing

When I saw that my good friend Jerome Jacinto had been asked to produce key art for Pocketwatch Games' sophomore effort (following the much-lauded Monaco: What's Yours is Mine), I was immediately intrigued.

Then I saw that it was planned as a kind of super-streamlined strategy game, a concept I remembered battling with in the design of Ninjatown way back in 2007-08. THEN I saw it was planned as a kind of "Redwall meets the Russian Revolution" universe, with animals blasting each other with turn-of-the-century weaponry. My interest could not have gotten any higher.

As the game neared completion, I helped with dialogue punch-up and overall plot structure, trying to make sure the story remained cohesive even as early missions scooted around to accommodate difficulty tuning. The story and characters, brought to life by Pocketwatch co-founder Andy Schatz, proved to be incredibly fun to work with.