Salt & Sanctuary (PS4/Vita/PC)

Writer (Item Descriptions & Lore)

I'd been following Ska Studios' work since its early days, a fan of both The Dishwasher and its sequel, Vampire Smile. I came to know James and Michelle through my work with Dean on Dust: An Elysian Tail, and I was able to experience their unique take on the "Souls" formula early on.

I helped out fairly late in the process, polishing and punching up text for the lore-hinting item descriptions and dropped materials you find. Similar to FromSoftware's titles, a large chunk of the background story is gleaned not from cutscenes, but from the items you scrounge up throughout its broken world. The incredibly deep world James and Michelle created was fertile ground for all sorts of fun descriptions, so while I was only on the project for a very short time near the end of development, it was an amazing experience.