Guild Wars 2 - Living World (PC)


Writer / Narrative Designer

I joined ArenaNet in early 2017, and my first contributions to the massive world of Guild Wars 2 can be found in its Living World Season 4 content.

Season 4, Episode 1: Daybreak takes players to the Domain of Istan, where in the course of their adventures they will stumble across a massive library filled to the brim with books of all topics. Until recently, writing a book in Guild Wars 2 meant piecing segments of text together using the conversation system. However, the latest updates to the narrative toolkit allow us to create BOOKS! Actual, real (in the game, anyway) books with pages that you can read.

As an initial test of the new technology, we sought to write an initial bunch of books that demonstrated just how great the technology was. My first assignment on Living World was to write these books.

In Episode 2: A Bug in the System, I wrote a multitude of messages, books, and background lore bits for players to stumble upon, as well as a number of lines for the Inquest, an enemy faction you come across in the episode.

Guild Wars 2 is a massive, constantly evolving world, and I'm excited about all the wonderful stories I'm getting to work on as a part of ArenaNet's incredible narrative team.