Guild Wars 2 - Living World (PC)


Writer / Narrative Designer

Writing samples of all released content available on request for recruiters

I joined ArenaNet in early 2017, and my first contributions to the massive world of Guild Wars 2 can be found in its Living World Season 4 content.

Season 4, Episode 1: Daybreak (Lore Writer)


Season 4, Episode 1: Daybreak takes players to the Domain of Istan, where in the course of their adventures they will stumble across a massive library filled to the brim with books of all topics. As an initial test of our at-the-time very new “In-Game Books” technology, I was tasked with helping to write a multitude of these in-game volumes, some based on old lore, some a bit more contemporary in the fiction. It gave fans a lot of new stuff to sift through!

Season 4, Episode 2: A Bug in the System (Lore Writer)


In Episode 2: A Bug in the System, I wrote a multitude of messages, books, and background lore bits for players to stumble upon, as well as a number of lines for the Inquest, an enemy faction you come across in the episode. Most of my time was spent spinning up on a new project however, as I was slated to take over narrative on Raids and Fractals.

Season 4 Fractal: Deepstone (Lead Writer/Narrative Designer)


Fractals are group-focused, streamlined content that emphasize speedy stories (20 minute or less) and unique gameplay quirks. Being able to tell short stories in the Guild Wars 2 universe was a very fun challenge, and trying to take the Fractals wrapper and build out interesting characters and conflict in that short time frame was a great change of pace. The Deepstone fractal revolves around two thieves breaking into an ancient dwarven ruin inhabited by a terrible, eldritch evil. Shenanigans, dare I say, ensue.

Season 4 Raid: The Mythwright Gambit (Lead Writer/Narrative Designer)


Raids in Guild Wars 2 tend to be much more involved than Fractals. The player characters tend to have more active roles in the story, complete with VO, for example. This raid, featuring a slightly insane djinn who takes players on a Willy Wonka-inspired tour of his madhouse home under less-than-savory pretenses, was pitched to me as a lighthearted comedy very early on. I couldn’t have been happier to work on it or more pleased to see how wonderful it turned out.

Season 4 Fractal: Siren’s Reef (Lead Writer/Narrative Designer)


“We’re thinking pirates.”

“And ghosts?”

“Pirates and ghosts, yeah. Think you can work with that?”

“I think so!”

Our latest Guild wars 2 fractal pits the players against an ancient pirate queen, an island filled with dinosaurs and undead, and cursed treasure. While not quite the same comedic romp that Mythwright Gambit was, it gave me an opportunity to explore the nature of viewing one’s heroes as real people, without the lens of history to obscure their actions. In some cases, particularly with sensationalized pirates, the truth would no doubt be incredibly disappointing (even incredibly uncomfortable) to witness.