Ghost of a Tale (PC/Xbox One)


Dialogue and Text Editor

If you're paying attention, you might notice a theme with a number of freelance projects I've been helping out on. As a child of the 1980's, I've been fascinated by the dark animated films of the era, and having grown up on that kind of material it's been an absolute blast being able to try and bring that tone of story back to a modern audience hungry for deeper and more interesting stories.

With Ghost of a Tale, I saw the initial Indiegogo campaign and pledged accordingly, keeping in touch with Lionel "SeithCG" Gallat for several years as he toiled away in the background to bring his vision to life. I would repeatedly offer my assistance on anything text or story related, though the script was already being handled by Paul Gardner, an industry vet who I'm not afraid to say turned out one of the most compelling scripts in this subgenre that I've ever seen.

Then, a few months before the game was set to be released, Lionel pinged me with a request: could I read through every line of dialogue and text in the game and help the team polish it for localization? Even with the crazy tight deadline and the surprising amount of material I would need to go through, I quickly agreed to help. I was happy I did, because I think Ghost of a Tale is truly something special, and being able to work on it even for those few months was a lot of fun.