Fablewood (Facebook)

Lead Designer & Writer

While the final episodes of Adera came together, HitPoint was already planning on its next major internal title: something to build off of the casual builder/hidden object-loving they had fostered in their already successful Seaside Hideaway. I was given the opportunity to help build a new IP from the ground-up: something themed around the concept of "twisted fairy tales".

There is a rather large emphasis on story and character-focused activity in Fablewood, with the player getting pulled into the fantasy realm of Fablewood in an intro cutscene (not common in Facebook games), humorous dialog with multiple characters (also not common), and quest-driven context for your hidden object scenes (ridiculously uncommon).

In addition to writing the initial pass on the quests and dialog, I also helped guide the world creation process, the music direction, hidden object scene design, building design, and the various UI/HUD elements.  

I was also the mastermind behind the "Philosopher Cow" you can put in your forest village. It's a fairy tale cow reading through a bunch of thick philosophy books.

And that's pretty hilarious.