Book of Heroes (iOS/Android)

Designer & Writer

After releasing Space Miner: Space Ore Bust in 2010, Venan set its sights on crafting a mobile "MMO on the go". This core philosophy led to the studio's most successful independent game to date, Book of Heroes.

The idea was to take the core MMO experience of combat, leveling, getting rewards, gear-hunting, and crafting, and remove all the elements in between that would require things like a complex 3D world. The world of BoH, called Glenfort, exists as a large 2D map with nodes the player can visit to initiate combat encounters.

As Venan's resident writer, I was tasked with creating numerous quest lines for the initial launch in addition to helping with the core game design and content creation. I also named most of the weapons and pieces of armor in the game.

After temporarily leaving Venan in 2012, I continued to work with them on a freelance basis to write new quest lines for major story expansions until my return in 2014.