Beyond the Western Deep


Beyond the Western Deep is an ongoing all-ages fantasy webcomic that I've been working on with Rachel Bennett (and now Jerome Jacinto, for the current chapter Song of the Eastern Sands) for the better part of four years.

Taking cues from everything from Game of Thrones to Robin Hood and Redwall, our goal was to recapture the feeling of 1980's animated films like Secret of NIMH and Black Cauldron -- back when an animated movie could feature both talking animals and a grim storyline while still being all-ages appropriate.

After self-publishing a hardcover edition of the webcomic's prologue and first chapter, we were picked up by Action Lab Entertainment, which published a paperback version of the book and distributed it nationally.

With a second book on the way, Beyond the Western Deep shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Song of the Eastern Sands


The third chapter of Beyond the Western Deep is in many ways a stand-alone story, featuring original characters, a new setting, and a new artist (Jerome Jacinto). While the main Western Deep tale takes inspiration from the dark animated movies of the 1980's, Sands is more of a lighthearted, comedic tale, intended to offer readers a bit of brevity after the tumultuous events of book 2.