Armello (PS4/PC/Mac/Linux)

Quest & Lore Writer

Armello was announced with a gorgeous traditionally-animated trailer that harkened back to the dark fantasy movies I grew up with. It caught my attention then, though I had no idea that a year later I would be brought on by developer League of Geeks to assist in the quest writing and overall lore creation.

After a chance Twitter conversation with LoG president Trent Kusters, we met up at PAX East and, after establishing that we weren't both complete weirdos, ultimately decided to collaborate together on the voluminous amounts of text needed to drive Armello's unique quest system.

Working chiefly with Trent, we worked on creating hundreds of short but unique quests across the game's five available "clans" (wolf, rabbit, bear, rat, and bandit).

With the game released and going strong, I've also been tasked with writing a series of five novellas based on the Armello universe.