Guild Wars 2

All or Nothing: Requiem

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Recently, a member of our marketing team approached the narrative leads within ArenaNet and asked for some minor editing support for a brand new project: an interactive series of short stories built in the Twine engine that could help us explore the innermost thoughts of some of our core cast following the tumultuous events of Living World Season 4 Episode 5.

Instead of offering some light narrative oversight, I volunteered to shepherd the narrative myself for as long as I could. This meant working on initial outlines and writing out the drafts featuring some of our most iconic franchise characters. I intended it to be an exercise in improving my character voice writing, but it grew to become so much more than that.

Initial feedback for the first-released story featuring Rytlock Brimstone was extremely positive, which hopefully will wind up yielding more fruit down the line for collaborations between narrative and marketing.

In the end, however, these stories helped us tell so much more than simply what characters were thinking. I couldn’t be happier with how they’ve turned out thus far.